Trackimo GPS Tracking Device


Trackimo GPS Tracking Device

Trackimo GPS Tracking Device

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Trackimo is a U.S. based IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider with proprietary technology, enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) devices. Trackimo aspires to transform business models through the development of customizable radio frequency mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and are user friendly, used globally with enhanced security and reliability.

Trackimo developed the world’s smartest, most compact and cost effective tracking device, providing user friendly and powerful options for keeping track of people and things that are cared for.


Get Trackimo Today! Get Trackimo Today!


Get Trackimo Today! Get Trackimo Today!


Get Trackimo Today! Get Trackimo Today!


Get Trackimo Today! Get Trackimo Today!


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With the help of Trackimo, you will always know where your pets are by setting up a virtual fence alert for them, which will notify you every time your pets go beyond the safe perimeter.

Trackimo, GPS tracker with Panic button – Will give you peace-of-mind.


Trackimo is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you keep your family and precious things safe and secure, track exactly where they are, automatically alerting when sensing distress signals.

Locate anything in seconds using your phone with Trackimo GPS tracker.


Your kids or grandparents will never get lost, thanks to Trackimo.

Use Trackimo to locate your prized possessions vehicles, drone, luggage.


Use Trackimo to locate your prized possessions or family members.

Use Trackimo for any tracking or emergency alerts purposes. Trackimo gives you a peace of mind.


Never lose your important things again, stay away from anxiety with Trackimo GPS tracker.

Worried about your kids safety & whereabouts? Get Trackimo, GPS tracker with Panic button.


Trackimo is a tiny GPS tracking device, track and keep safe: Kids, elderly, pets, vehicles, drone, luggage worldwide and for an unlimited distance.

Never Lose anything Important again, find your things anywhere in the world with Trackimo GPS Tracker.




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