The Australasian Marketing Promotion

The Australasian Marketing Promotion

The Australasian Marketing Promotion and its associated accounts will create a unique and creative Social Media Campaign for your special Travel Related Event! This can include events such as:

  • Travel Specials:
    • International Travel Specials
    • Local Travel Specials
    • Specialised Travel Specials
    • National Tourism Festivals
    • Local Tourism Festivals
    • One-off Travel and/or Tourism Events
    • Travel Organisations
    • Travel Destinations
    • Travel Products and/or Accessories
    • Travel Fundraisers – e.g. Breast Cancer Awareness Week in conjunction with a particular tour program/tourism project or travel product
    • Entertainment – Theatre/Music/Cinema-Movies/Sports Tickets
    • The Arts


The Australasian Marketing Promotion


If you want your event or product seen and marketed to tens of thousands of people over a global network, with tweets and posts crafted by an experienced, dedicated & extremely talented web designer and marketer, then you have come to the right place. Over a course of a recommended 60 days of scheduled tweets and posts, you can be certain that your travel event and/or product will be seen in the targeted places by the people that count – your targeted market.


The Australasian Marketing Promotion


Furthermore, if you decide to purchase an option that includes placement on a page of TheTravellersMarket your travel event and/or product will be seen by people numbering in the hundreds of thousands and our daily hits are increasing at a phenomenal rate. Whether your targeted market is in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific, the United States, the Middle East, Africa or Europe, our network has it covered. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas, so close, now is the time to put your marketing plans into high gear and we can help you do that, and all for a very modest price.


Read more for our pricing structure. Can’t find exactly what you want? Then let us construct a custom package just for you and you will find that you won’t be disappointed.



Option 1 – Tweet Promotion: From $25 per month (2 tweets per day over all 9 networks – (Approx 90,806 Followers)


Option 2 – Tweet and Facebook Promotion: From $35 per month (2 tweets & posts per day over all 9 networks – (Approx 94,243 Followers & Likes)


Option 3 – Full Page promotion on the Travellersmarket site + Tweet promotion linking to a created TheTravellersMarket page: From $50 per month (2 tweets per day over all 9 networks + Approx 994,191 Impressions & 1,880 clicks per month – Increasing every month – Global Network & Coverage)


Option 4 – Business Plan (Full Page promotion on the Travellersmarket site + Twitter + FB + Instagram) From $100 per month


Option 5 – Product Promotion – (3 products maximum) From $75 per month


Also available promotions on Pinterest, Linkedin & Google+

Want to Customise your promotion?Contact us for more details.


What we will need from you:

  • Provide a Link to Your Website or Blog
  • Provide Your Twitter Handle (User Name)


And EVERYTHING else is ALL up to US! 100% Guaranteed!